Make it happen.

DaChain offers a complete platform for the creation, management and marketing of NFTs

Make it happen.

DaChain offers a complete platform for the creation, management and marketing of NFTs
If Crypto is the currency which we buy with, 
NFT is the stuff we buy


The first complete digital ownership platform enabling NFTs’ innovative technology.
We make it simple for artists, businesses and brands to interact with blockchain technology and NFT’s opportunities


You can interact with our platform as a service (Saas) trough API or via a customized front-end. We offer a series of tools that allow you to implement customized solutions for each type of market and business model

Tool to represent an asset in digital form in a way that is compatible with all the official standards of the Ethereum Foundation for fungible, semi-fungible and non-fungible tokens. Issuance and access control and interoperability make this feature secure, modular and scalable.

Set of services for the integration with third-party systems managed by client or partner companies through the exposure of APIs. Through our APIs partners can use our side chain and the public network Ethereum without the complexity to interact with blockchain technology.

Our solution allows you to quickly create, deploy and issue compliant Security Tokens Offering. Create identities for your investors and integrate KYC/AML policies of your choice

We support the majority of the payment methods your customers want to use: credit card, instant bank transfers, major cryptos ( Bitcoin, Ether,…). Through our suite you can customized and scale your business model without the complexity to deal with several payment providers.

Our magic system to embed NFT in a QR code give you the possibility to expand your marketing opportunities and increase redemption omni channel. You can sell NFTs on every channel without the need to interact with the complexity of blockchain technology.

Complete management of fungible and non-fungible tokens. Assignment of the roles of the project participants and a 2FA authentication system. Our wallet is fully compatible with Ethereum (Metamask) wallet.

Through this tool we can create and customised our front-ends for each customer’s specific needs through a simple, functional, elegant UX.

Our innovative data storage allows continuous usability of contents and personalized access management. We can give or limit access at different levels, creating an agile and traceable management of users. All contents will be notarized on our DaChain ledger  to certify authenticity and ownership and also on main net Ethereum according to business needs.



Experiment selling your digital content, develop a compelling NFT value proposition and skyrocket your business